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not because of necessarily what i post, but it's a community where people watch the show go and talk. it echoed by theme. that dude is the reason. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. president obama held his first white house press conference since winning re-election. he took questions on topics including benghazi, petraeus resignation, fiscal cliff and climate change. we have it all covered in this hour, but first i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, casey mcfarland and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: president obama addressed reporters in the east room of the white house for the first time in eight months this atch. the president made news. but the most contentious moment came when she was asked about the qualification of susan race to be appointed to
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the head of the state department. you may remember that after the white house and intelligence officials knew the attack on the consulate in benghazi did not evolve from protest over anti-islamic video, she appeared on five sunday news showing blaming the video. the president appeared angry and channeled those who opposed her possible nomination to be the next secretary of state. >> let me say about susan rice. she has done exemplary work. she made an appearance at the request of the white house in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her. senator mccain, and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, go after me. but for them to go after the u.n. ambassador, who had nothing to do with benghazi, and simply making a presentation based on intelligence she received, to
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besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> kimberly: somebody has big shoulders and it's not me. but i have pads in today. what do you think? >> eric: it's ridiculous that the president of the united states treats two senators like that. they were elected by the american people. stop it. you don't want that fight, sir. i can't understand why you go after it. but in the middle of the sound bite that you heard, read the line. as i said before, she made appearances at the request of the white house, very interesting. in which she gave the best understanding of the intel provided to her. provided to her. the intel. she said the video. the question is, the followup question should have been jonathan carl should have said you know what? provided by whom? who gave her the intel to say it's the video, it's five days later? blame the video? that was the followup
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question. >> kimberly: casey, were you surprised of the stam staunch support? he sees her as the secretary of state replacing hillary clinton. >> payback time. she went out and the president said, the u.n. ambassador had nothing to with benghazi. why send her out, then? she is the u.n. ambassador. no responsibility for securing the embassies, intelligence about the al-qaeda or terrorism. no responsibility for u.s. marine guard. why put her out there in first place? the next day i checked to see where was the secretary of state or secretary of defense. head of the c.i.a. white house counter terrorism director. they were all in town. they just didn't go to testify before the five television shows. why did she do it? she was trying out for what she wanted in the second term, secretary of state. by doing it, and doing it badly, she jeopardized her chances. >> kimberly: people are digging in, saying we are not going to support her. we are going to block the
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appointment, the request by the president. they don't believe she is the best candidate for job. >> greg: first, welcome k.t. to the show. you have tiny shoes to fill. you don't have a dog, do you? >> no. i have a husband and five kids. >> greg: good enough. just don't talk about them. the reason president obama was angry was strange. like it's wrong to question this person. he took it personally. angry dad at parent-teacher conference. why are you bothering my student? angrier about the questions about benghazi an the actual active any benghazi. he has a problem with misplaced priorities and misplaced anger. mad at the filmmaker and reporters and politicians questioning how they portrayed the story. much more so than how he
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reacted after the terrorism took place. strange muted response that occurred to make this seem bizarre. >> kimberly: fair criticism, bob? should he have been incensed over the loss of american lives and coverup of sort in benghazi? then defending -- >> bob: first, i couldn't agree with him more to besmirch her reputation. you ask the united states senators who she was or about it, they couldn't tell you a single thing before this. >> greg: true. >> bob: so they pick out somebody to be a scapegoat. why did she appear on the shows? i can't answer that. if she had intelligence from director of national intelligence it did say the video and the original intelligence, but -- >> greg: who said it, bob? >> bob: wait. the idea they will vote against the woman because she went on the talk shows when they have no other sub stantive things to say about her is playing politics, i don't think they have enough votes to stop her. >> kimberly: do you think her career is stellar andpech
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la rare? >> bob: i do. >> kimberly: really? >> bob: remarkable job at the u.n. if you follow it. >> kimberly: i do follow it. >> eric: she peddled a video that the white house or portions of the administration knew had nothing to do with the attacks. september 14. the day before susan rice went on five talk shows. leon panetta spoke to a senate armed services committee group. told them it had nothing to do with the video. it was terrorism. he mentioned al-qaeda by name. the day before she goes out there. general petraeus says something different to the house. they have shown shiny things all over the place. >> bob: only one at that point. >> the director of national intelligence presented that. that is what they said. >> bob: bob is right.
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ill's not her fault. i see nothing, i hear nothing. you just tell me what to say. so that leads to the conclusion, where did the story come from? the original question that you love, who pushed the video. this is the one strand to follow through the story and unral the strange sweater. >> eric: the c.i.a. said -- sorry, casey. the c.i.a. in their timeline, in their timeline they put it together and put it out on september 12, 4:30 a.m. they name al-qaeda. name ansar al-sharia attacked our consulate. c.i.a. has a timeline and al-qaeda there and terrorism there. petraeus out there saying it's the video. pensacolpanetta is saying it's e video. this is terrorism. this is the biggest coverup since watergate. >> bob: why do you suggest it's a coverup? >> eric: they all report to white house, bob. they department to department of justice and the white
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house. >> you are missing the point. the main point is why do they have a coverup and why do they have to have a fairy tale about the video? why? because five days before september 11, president obama was at the democratic convention and said al-qaeda is on its heels. bin laden is dead. so five days later you had al-qaeda and terrorist group with successful attack on american soil -- >> bob: it was not al-qaeda be. clear about this. every one has the moniker of al-qaeda. >> kimberly: a.q. affiliate, bob. >> bob: there are not badges for it. >> greg: obama said al-qaeda on its heels was they were cross dressing. >> bob: they are on their heels. badly. >> eric: worse that not doing anything prior but the day of. hours after ambassador stevens and the others were killed he gets on air force one and goes to vegas. does his campaign speech. raises money in vegas. i mean, that -- if you cover something up that is more
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damaging. >> bob: how many times are we going to do this? we go over the same language. >> kimberly: every time are new developments. >> greg: fog of war. >> bob: give me a new development? last night i learned something interesting that thinks the c.i.a. screwed up. the real culprits here are state department who had responsibility for defending the embassies. >> kimberly: i'm going to bring in k.t. on this. general petraeus, you know well. >> a good friend. it went to afghanistan a yea year-and-a-half ago right after paula broadwell left. >> kimberly: interesting timing. we don't see you on the cover of a magazine. i'll get reaction around the table from ed henry questioning the president directly about will you answer the questions of those family members who lost loved ones over in benghazi? >> sean smith's father ray says he believes his son called 9/11 fo 911 for help andt
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get it. i would like for you to address the families if you can. on 9/11, as commander-in-chief, did you issue any orders to try to protect their lives? >> ed, i will address the families, not through the press. i'll address the families directly. as i already have. we will provide all the information that is available about what happened on that day. that is what the investigation is for. >> kimberly: is that moving forward, bob, with transparency? >> bob: that is exactly the right thing to say. the idea that somehow, you guys have great clarity monday morning quarterback. have you seen the drone pictures of a smoky area? they couldn't see, they wouldn't know if they were in kansas or nebraska. >> eric: wait, have you? >> bob: yes, i have. >> eric: drone pictures. >> bob: yes, i have. >> eric: is there a b.s. call on this? >> kimberly: bringing the bell every five -- ringing the bell every five seconds. >> bob: if you want to see drone pictures you can go to
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the internet. >> greg: i saw a drone picture today. press conference. the most devastating drone i have seen in ages. >> bob: say for those of you who maybe lack some background in this, you might want to go -- i know you do, certainly. >> greg: i love it. >> bob: national security. you might want to do an investigation before you say things like this. >> greg: this is coming from you who doesn't do research on the show ever. >> bob: i would haven't to do two segments of research to catch up with most of you on foreign policy and security. >> the whole key of the issue is what the president was talking about. what happened during that attack. the united states at one advance said the c.i.a. was told to stand down and general petraeus issued a statement saying the c.i.a., at no level did anybody at any time tell the c.i.a. to stand down. that is the question. who did tell them to? >> bob: how do you know it was said? >> fox news found e-mails. >> eric: here is the c.i.a.
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timeline they put out. they sent the drone unarmed drones observe and what they observed was rocket fire, .50 caliber machine gun. they can go on and on. they are specific. military predator drone arrives on the compound to provide aerial surveillance. they go to weaponry used. >> bob: did you know one of the drones over there was on its way back to italy to be refueled? >> they sent a backup drone. >> bob: right. they did send a backup drone. i defy anybody to look at t pictures and tell me that you can come up with something -- >> greg: they did. >> bob: they said they saw the attack. a lot of people said that. >> there are several thousand of people with classified computer -- >> bob: we are spending time on one subject. a lot other things to say. >> kimberly: a large part of the discussion. >> bob: only trying to respond and put some -- >> greg: you are being
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condescending. >> bob: i'm not. >> greg: you. are you are calling us sending -- you are calling us stupid. >> kimberly: coming up, more from the press conference and salacious details surrounding paula broadwell and jill kelley and the roles in petraeus' resignation. eric has it covered when we come back. ♪ ♪ 
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♪ ♪ president obama got ten questions at the press conference this afternoon. there was an opportunity to press him on issues vital to all americans, national security, economy and taxes, but others did not. >> what specifically do you plan to do in the secondtorium tackle the issue of climate change? a do you think the political will exists in washington to pass legislation that could include some kind of aa tax on carbon? >> you know, mark, we can't attribute any particular weather event to clim climate change. >> well, i guess he is giving up on climate change. this is a big change from four years ago when the president said this is the moment when the rise of the oceans will me gin to slow an our planet will begin to heal.
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what do you think? >> greg: he said you can't attribute any weather event to claims change and then he doubles down on programs and things to fight climate change. it's like when they say that gun ownership, studies will show that gun ownership doesn't lead to gun crime but they advocate gun control anyway. facts don't matter. we talk about this through hurricane sandy. the left has been using disaster catastrophe because you don't let one go to waste. to push programs. he even admits finally that is baloney. or b.s. bob, what happened? >> bob: i would say that first of all, the overwheldonming facts in the scientific community -- >> greg: you don't read it. >> bob: you sound like eric. i do. >> greg: you read a paragraph. >> bob: if you want me to bring in scientific research. >> greg: you do. tomorrow. >> bob: you bring in your
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side that shows no climate change as a result. >> climate change but not necessarily attributed to manmade actions. >> bob: climate change is climate change. >> greg: you are avoiding the point here. said that climate change cannot be attributed to any weather event. that's what you said -- >> kimberly: man made. >> bob: what i said there have been a series of things like a hot decade, right? >> greg: yes. it was, you know it was -- [over talk ] >> eric: al gore said sandy is climate change. >> kimberly: manipulated by people trying to take advantage of the -- >> okay. let me ask you. talking about manipulation. you a professional woman and earned your stuff the hard way. does it offend to you a little bit the reporter gushed presidenrted flirted with him? >> kimberly: at this point, they're so obvious about it, that is the only transparency with the media they're effusive and gushing in love with this president, enamored
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with him they don't try to hide it anymore. it's lack of professionalism. >> watch how offensive it was. >> thank you, mr. president. congratulations, by the way. >> thanks. you were there when i was running for state senate. we go back a wise. >> i've never seen you lose. it wasn't looking that one time -- i wasn't looking that one time. >> does it offend you? >> eric: no. the softball questions, have you called mitt romney? did you have a mandate? really half the questions were teed up for obama to answer in his way looking forward to this is what we'll do. immigration question was a softball question. my big problem again, said in the "a" block is when president obama said susan rice was doing what she was told. what the information -- asked by the white house to do what she was told. the question had to be asked. told by who? who told her -- >> kimberly: they didn't ask it. they are not going to ask it. >> eric: there was some --
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there were plenty of opportunities to be asked. >> bob: that was a hometown reporter who happened to talk about his legacy. what is the big deal? you have been calling for press conferences for eight months and been moaning. >> kimberly: we are happy about the press conference but we wish there was substance about it. ask an intelligence question. >> bob: he asked ed henry and he asked an intelligence question. number of other people did. >> kimberly: ed henry, fox news. >> do we think the president has four more years of -- >> greg: of course. i didn't think she was gushing. very tough question. very tough. >> eric: i know we got to go. but the fiscal cliff answers, he did answer you got to be careful. show nod sign of wavering. it will be a big, big battle. >> my way or the highway. >> kimberly: big hammer. >> bob: i was worried he was backing off on that. thank god he didn't do that. >> greg: yes, let's increase taxes. that will help the economy. lose 700,000 jobs according to
11:33 pm
earnst and young. two men i met in a bar. >> let's get in that conversation, you and two men at a bar. >> greg: taxes he is talking about raising will lose 700,000 jobs. nobody cares. >> bob: on wall street? >> greg: overall. >> coming up, every "state of the union" in the nation has sent petition toous with an interesting request. the right to secede. it is not going to happen but it's interesting. we have details. ♪ ♪ with the spark miles card from capital one, thor gets great rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics. put it on my spark card. ow. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working.
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>> greg: all right. so in the wake of obama's alleged re-election, some citizens are calling for secession. people from all 57 states have filed petitions in favor of seceding from america on the obama administration's we the people website. so far, close to 700,000 signed on and petitions from alabama, florida, georgia, louisiana, north carolina, tennessee, texas grabbed at least 25,000 signatures. now to me, secession is silly. but what is not silly is actual catchtition. why not for four years pit red states against blue states with the respected ideas and have us put to the test and see who succeeds? red states will have fracking. blue will have frats. red states will have free markets. blue will be v fre have free pi. red states, death penalty. blue, tax. red will have kimberly guilfoyle. blue will have this.
11:40 pm
there is only one rule. no borrowing from china allowed. then maybe can see whose ideas work. blue state survive by acting red. red states are sur viveed by resisting the cool desire to go blue. maybe the best states are run by republican governors and worst cities run by democrats. this is your home so what country are you going to run to anyway? hawaii? they don't even have electricity. i want to go to you, bob. after re-election, there are people that need to let off steam. are they letting off steam or serious movement to be concerned about? >> bob: you notice the map where most of them come from. >> greg: are you going to insult these neem >> bob: i'm not going to insult entire south. >> greg: you have. >> bob: i have not.
11:41 pm
there are wonderful people in the south. after every election people get upset with whoever got elected. probably if there was a website available to them there would be another 700,000 that oppose when george bush got nil. don't know. i don't know what the big deal. 700,000 people represents less than 1% of the country. what is the big deal? >> you know it's like to original argument. some states don't want to pay for other states. what we are doing now we are getting to the point where a number of states, east coast, west coast states are going bankrupt. legally cannot go bankrupt. so richer states, southern states have to bail them out. >> bob: k.t . are you suggesting that mississippi and alabama are richer states? >> i think their balances, the budgets are balanced. >> eric: there are states in the union who are getting back, you know, 50, 60 cents on the dollar they pay in tax. the states have an argument for seceding from the union. paying a buck and getting 60 cents back. what it feels like to me is people are upset.
11:42 pm
they're mad. calm down. we have lost. we can come back. win an election. >> kimberly: i don't think we should calm down. sponging off the states making money. look at california. it's a complete mess. it's an embarrassment what has happened there. complete disaster. going in the wrong direction. pretty soon strong states with good business practices have to carry the other states. it's crazy. i don't think it's good at all. >> states can't go bankrupt. businesses can and people can. >> bob: do you include alabama in that crowd? two biggest recipient of the states are red states, alaska and west virginia. >> eric: no question. if you break it down, the red states receive more than they put in. blue states put out more than they receive. >> bob: we don't mind carrying you all.
11:43 pm
it's important we do that. >> kimberly: keep losing corporations by all of this ridiculous regulations. >> bob: we didn't stop paying for the red states. >> we have the current tax rate and president obama wants to raise taxes on corporations. >> bob: on 2% of the people that should have it raised. you call it dividing the country, what is the line you use? >> kimberly: class warfare. >> bob: yeah. it's 98% versus 2%. that is class warfare; is that right? >> 1%. >> bob: 99/1. that is -- >> greg: we'll never convince you rich people are human. i get it. >> bob: look at eric. he's human. >> greg: what makes the football phenom so phenomenal? that's redundant. we'll tell you after the break. stick around.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." around the table at "the five" there is consternation going on among people who were for mitt romney. time to get over it. eric didn't mean you could get over it and calm down, he meant you should move, i guess, i don't know. say hello to 9-year-old samantha gordon with over 2 million hits on youtube, she has become the latest football internet sensation. scoring 25 touchdowns, rushing for nearly 2,000 yards and mostly all boys tackle football league. sam stopped by "fox & friends" and explained the secret to her success. listen to this. >> i just basically run as fast as i can and try to dodge the people. >> bob: look how fast she runs. amazing. it raises the question: should young girls be allowed to play in all male teams because of the potential of getting hurt. what do you think? >> eric: no. there are boys leagues and
11:49 pm
girls leagues. should the boys, should 9-year-old boy want to play on a girls' league? run through defenses. who is to say some of the boys don't want to tack a girl. c'mon, c'mon. let the winners win, let losers lose, boys be boys and let the girls be girls. >> kimberly: sorry, if your girl is the best player on the team and going home to your mom. you are wrong about that. i am living proof of the success of that approach. it played on all boys soccer team in the second grade. >> greg: what were the uniforms? >> kimberly: short shorts. i wore headband. >> greg: get an opinion from somebody in the league. me. democrat is your size. >> greg: one of the stories that is kind of adorable. awesome for news anchors to say, you go girl. then you forget about it. >> kimberly: she is awesome. >> bob: i think -- 82 yards rushing average. amazing. >> it's all about winning. she can win.
11:50 pm
put her on the team and let her go. >> time-out, time-out, the ladies who are on the team. you have a daughter who wants to play on the boys team and a boy levels her and hurts her badly, what are you going to do? >> kimberly: that could happen on a team if she was playing with all girls. >> eric: so you are okay with a boy going after her? >> kimberly: i believe in opportunity. so if she wants to go in and try out and can play on the team, play as well as the others, give her a chance to do it. >> it's all about -- i have a daughter who is a navy stroke and rode for four years and rode as well as she could and the woman on the team are a lot better than the men. >> bob: we'll change this. tell you -- >> eric: that is not the point. i'm not saying women athletes. she could get hurt! >> bob: boys get hurt, too. switch to another video. take a look at this. this little kid had a birthday party. all of a sudden dar tabh vader
11:51 pm
shows up. so he goes after darth vader and picks it up it is his dad from the military on 97-hour leigh of absence, just wonderful. it's a great little video. thank you for sending it in. >> greg: i am a big fan of "star trek." i have been more years. really great. >> kimberly: welcome to >> bob: k.t., take within that? >> yeah. particularly, in all seriousness, the sacrifices that the military have been put through in ten years, multiple deployment, they don't know the kids around the kids grow up without them. very great. >> kimberly: cute video. >> bob: i wonder what will happen when they look at the kids, after multiple deployments and how much damage will be done to them. >> greg: these are -- you can't -- i don't like that. these kids are tough kids. a lot of people are fine people that had parents in the military and grew up fine. >> but in this case, what we
11:52 pm
are saying we have never seen this many divorces, suicide, unemployment. >> greg: maybe i'm wrong then. >> bob: that would be unusual. >> kimberly: nevertheless, you have to focus on the fact we have one good parent that can -- >> eric: call this what this is. heartwrenching, heart warming and amazing videos bring a tear to even's eye when you see it. it's great. >> greg: are you crying? >> kimberly: no, i'm prepping for one more thing. >> bob: i am not going to do it that way. seriously. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: one more thing. k.t., start with you and thank you for being with us. >> we should head to where greg is going to talk about his book. colin powell spoke last week and greg gutfeld tonight. >> greg: who is colin powel powell. >> in case you don't know -- >> bob: no wonder i wasn't inviteed. >> greg: terrible. sorry. it will end. it will end soon. >> eric: q&a. >> greg: yeah. ask anything you want. >> kimberly: are you going ed hyperion him.
11:57 pm
>> greg: who took the video? >> kimberly: you can talk now. >> greg: a big day at fox news. it's bill hemmer's birthday. he is 54. i would like to wish him happy birthday and i forgot to untie him this morning and he's probably getting hungry. the last time i did this, he ate through the leather straps and ended up in the hospital. bill, i will be home soon, try to stay alive. >> eric: little known bill hemmer fact. on his birthday, he will not answer the phone unless you're singing happy birthday. >> kimberly: that is why i e-mailed him. he is not 54. >> greg: he is. he has had so many surgeries you wouldn't recognize him. >> kimberly: i'm not even going to go there, actually. i'm going to go to -- >> oh! [ laughter ] >> kimberly: well, the best
11:58 pm
hairdo. sadly, we are demanding a recount because for some reason "people" magazine dropped the bolling ball. they chose channing tatem as the sex unanimous man alive. >> eric: hanging chad. >> kimberly: exactly. a charming individual despite the fact that -- you said nice face. bob didn't know who he was. he's married to jenna and he is a good actor. >> greg: every one of his movies grosss over -- >> bob: how do you have a tan all the time? >> eric: we have award recipient. kimberly guilfoyle honored at the new york society for prevention of cruelty to children and she won the strength of the society award. prior recipient. first, congratulations. >> kimberly: thank you. >> eric: of note, prior recipient is laura bush.
11:59 pm
>> kimberly: a great organization. they take the cases that everyone else turns away of the severely abused children. do incredible job, oldest child protection agency in the country. privileged to be associated with it. >> good for you. >> bob: congratulations. >> great honor. >> kimberly: appreciate it. >> bob: in the course of the last eight or nine months i made a couple of bets on the outcome of the election. they were substantial bets. it better rick $10,000 and i bet sean hannity $10,000. so it is collection time. here is what i'm going to doism want them both to contribute to charities of their choice so they can write checks out to whoever they want to write them out to. >> eric: for real? >> greg: who is a 1% making $10,000 bets? >> kimberly: exactly. >> bob: i couldn't afford to lose it but i didn't lose it. we made a $10,000 bet >> eric: if i did -- >> isn't that what romney bet? >> bob: yes, i don't

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